We have taken exactly one order this morning, albeit a 2 page monster worth almost $200, and I have managed to fuck it up by forgetting to fax it in until 20 minutes before it needs to be picked up. Let's hope the Beltline can pull off a miracle.

Diet is still going well. I was a little bad a couple of nights ago because I was just really fucking hungry. So I had a bowl of knock-off Fruit Loops with Brandon. And then decided that I needed to eat 3 servings of crackers with a quarter of a tub of cream cheese. But I didn't do too much damage and was good yesterday. I think Sunday I might treat myself to some homemade vegan ice cream, though, since I found an ice cream maker on sale at Meijer's for %7.50.

Mom is taking Sweetie to the vet. She couldn't walk all day yesterday and still can't today. She suspects Brandon kicked her, but I know he didn't. She is convinced that the dog has a broken bone, but I think it would have swollen up some by now if that was the case. Hopefully it's nothing too serious and the vet can get her right. I'll admit the dog can piss me off at times too, but I don't want her to have to die. I'd just like for her to shut up when the baby is sleeping.


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