I guess it's time to update this since I've had it for a week. I finally got my contacts today. Love them! It's so weird being able to see myself without glasses, in focus.

Brandon heard back from the school about the apartment and we can move in as soon as the current tenants move out. I'm honestly pretty stunned about that. I thought they would say we didn't make enough. It's going to be hard, but I think we can do it. Brandon will be doing a work study thing, so that will help. Maybe we'll be eligible for food stamps, too. If it comes down to it, I'll donate plasma or something. At least I'll be living in Grand Rapids, so I'll be able to take some photography classes at GRCC if we can afford it.

Today is day three and i'm still sticking to my diet pretty good. The vegan cookbooks I ordered from the library finally came in yesterday, and I tried the roasted mushrooms recipe out of the Veganomicon. It is AMAZING. I'm going to try to eat mostly vegan for right now and go totally veg when we move out and I'm cooking all my own food. Mom bought a rotisserie chicken for dinner, so I had some of the breast without the skin, but I did try roasting some broccoli out of the book, using salt, pepper, and olive oil from a spray bottle. It was pretty darn good, too. I've only ever eaten broccoli steamed or raw, which tends to be kind of bland. Roasting gives it a nice flavor without being too mushy.


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